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Backend Engineer - 3 positions open

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (MY)

Design and develop game services to power and operationalise our products (Games). This position is available in both Singapore and Malaysia office and requires proficiency in Web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Javascript and mandarin literacy.

The candidate we are looking for is a professional who takes pride in his creation, proactively looking for vulnerabilities in his design and improving his systems. The team will support the Backend Engineer to ensure that our games are secure, reliable and scalable. 

Project Manager - 1 position open


Manages, coordinates and completes projects on time within budget and within scope. We are looking for a detail centric individual who is proficient in English and Mandarin.

The Project Manager is required to bring every member of the team up to speed by producing critical and digestible staff aids regularly. An efficient Project Manager should be able to adopt protocols and processes that is suitable for the team and allow each individual to report in with minimal friction. 

Game Developer, Frontend - 5 positions open

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (MY), Ho Chi Minh (VN)

Implements the game logic to the design spec and allow players to interact with the game environment. A good frontend developer always looks for areas to make improvements to the game, handle feature requests and optimize the player's experience as a whole.

We are looking for a proactive individual who wants to make exciting games on HTML5, Cocos Creator and Unity.

Game Designer - 2 position open

Singapore, Ho Chi Minh (VN)

  • Capable of conducting market research on game ideas

  • Develop innovative and fun mechanics

  • Produce adequate documents to aid artists produce assets and programmers to develop the mechanics to spec

  • Improve players engagement with the use of data analytics

The candidate we are looking for must have good communication skill and great at math. He/she must be able to derive game design decisions with a scientific approach; market research, user acceptance tests, A/B testing etc.

Technical Artist - 2 position open

Singapore, Ho Chi Minh (VN)

The technical artist is the link between artists and programmers. The artist's primary responsibility is to ensure the aesthetic vision is carried onto the development platform intact and issues with the assets are communicated back to the artists for fixing. He/she helps the programmers understand how the assets are supposed to behave in the game and to allow the programmers to focus on building the functionality without worrying about the aesthetic.

The competent technical artist is also a creative individual, he/she actively look for means and approce